Thursday, February 19, 2015

Peregrine track on a new Anti-NSBM comp!

Our "Reduced to Ashes" is on a new Anti-NSBM compilation that just came out today.
Download it on Bandcamp

The idea of the comp is to draw attention towards the anti-NSBM scene though it goes from blackened crust through atmospheric black metal to death metal. The comp is split into 2 volumes, 1 being more crusty in nature, 2 being more metal-oriented. We're on round 2 with our friends Misery Index and some awesome other black and green inclined bands. Volume 1 benefits Italian anti-fascist anarchist Emilio who has been hospitalized by fascists.
Volume 2 benefits Eric McDavid, our green anarchist friend, who recently was released from Federal prison after 9 years for what has been exposed as pure entrapment on the part of the state.
So check it out, hear some anti-NSBM music and get some funds to anarchists in need.

For more on Eric:

Eric McDavid: Free at Last from on Vimeo.

And, yes, we are still working on new music. It's just a very, very slow process these days.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Some light reading...

If you want to see what we're up to, KT and Steve are editors for Black and Green Review, a new anarcho-primitivist journal dedicated to furthering anti-civilization and green anarchist critique and praxis.
Pre-orders are available here: Oldowan Distribution.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Peregrine/Masakari. Game over.

Very fucking stoked to finally announce our upcoming split 7" with Cleveland's almight Masakari. More details to come, but this will be brutal. If you aren't familiar with Masakari yet, you're going to shit yourself.
And, as always, this will be a benefit. This time for Survival International.
Look for a spring release.

Monday, August 1, 2011

For fans of...

2 Peregrine off shoots that you need to know about:

Savagist: Take equal parts Kylesa (as you want them to sound, not as they are) and Peregrine and crush it into your brain. Now with two former members of Peregrine: Clem Adams (guitar/vocals) and Daniel Shroyer (bass). The rest is rounded out by members of the former Athens sludge-dogs, The Dumps.
Savagist on myspace

Woccon: Somewhere between Nile and Panopticon, Frosty bangs out the black and green metal in it's full on blackened death form.


All tracks are up on bandcamp now that I finally got my CD player working for proper 320 rips.
Downloads, as always, are free, but if you'd like to send some money, it'd be appreciated.
Peregrine on Bandcamp

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black and Green Metal

I get asked about other black and green metal bands fairly often. My response is always rather lack-luster primarily because it's a phrase that I've made up. It's an obvious play on black metal and "black and green", the colors associated with green anarchy. It's a short cut and only half the answer has more to do with the philosophical drive of the band rather than it's musical influences.
As often as I come up with terms, I tend to hate having to describe what Peregrine sounds like. Blackened death metal doesn't do it for me because the anger and feeling behind the music is, to me, as much of an influence as any bands that I've listened to or played in.
Whether or not other bands would want to self-apply the black and green metal label is probably more in their hands. Two bands that I know of have and do so rather aptly, Woccon and Savagist, both of which have former Peregrine members. I'm sure there are others, but I probably am just unaware.
Rather than trying to decide who wants to use what term, I'll just say a bit about bands that I'd say we share sonic and philosophical currents with.

The anarchist influence on death metal is hard to overlook. You can almost see multiple strains within the history of death metal; a lot of politically ambiguous (or worse) metal-heads like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and so on, and then the anarchist/crust punk rooted realm of grindcore and death metal.
Obviously I feel more kinship with the latter.
And here I'm referring more specifically to bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, At the Gates (who shared multiple members with anarcho-crusters extraordinaire, Skitsystem), Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Disrupt, and so on. It's always been disappointing to me to see the death metal side lack the carry over that grindcore has more or less kept alive with bands like Nasum, Discordance Axis, and hundreds of others. To take music that comes from such a deep anger and neuter it completely by falling into macho-misogynist crap and dully militant imagery (attracting military fucks along the way) is exactly what we're trying to work against by putting the anarchist aspects in the forefront.
Amongst contemporary death metal bands, it's hard to find many bands doing just that. Napalm Death deserves as much credit as possible for keeping it going for all these years and still standing strong. Aside from them, and the occasional question of whether Arch Enemy are serious or just kind of cheesy, Misery Index stand apart. Unquestionably anarchist and down-as-fuck, while pushing the limits of grind-infused death metal.

It's ultimately easier to find friends in the metal-tinged world of "apocalyptic crust". Seeds in Barren Fields and Auryn, both of whom we've shared splits with, share roots here with SiBF taking just as much from their Swedish death metal roots. Riding the coat-tails of the historically anarchist filled world of crust; from Disrupt, Amebix, Discharge, Nausea, and on through the down-tuned and crushing influences of His Hero is Gone, Uranus, and From Ashes Rise, you have the breeding grounds for black and green fused crust.
With a history of questioning not only the state, but Progress, industrialism, and "development", you have the rage and you have the right targets. And it pours into the sound of bands like Schifosi, El Ego, Ictus, and Martyrdod, bands that add depth to d-beat madness that is rooted in equal parts metal and hardcore.
More and more bands on this side of the fence are coming into the black and green fold. Frankly, it just feels right.

And then you have the hardcore influenced side.
As far as explicitly anarcho-primitivist bands, killtheslavemaster would be the first. Technical, metallic hardcore or technical, hardcore-infused metal, they have the wits and riffs to merit the claim. Rooted slightly more in Daniel Quinn than Zerzan, Undying are a close second. Riding the fence between hardcore and metal, it might seem like an insult to accuse them of being on the forefront of metalcore, but the term literally seems appropriate and their ability to meld the two seems the primary reason why their appeal is almost universal. And also why they fit on stage with Napalm Death and Kreator as on tours like the "Total Liberation" tour with the more traditionally hardcore, yet black and green moshers, Gather.

Beyond that is the lo-fi, "Cascadian" black metal world.
Here the black and green is more spiritually fused than anything. I really have no personal problem with that, but I find myself really uncomfortable with the uber-pagan influence. Some of the bands have tossed up the black and green flag or at least the black flag (Panopticon immediately comes to mind), while Wolves in the Throne Room and a number of similar bands have chosen to skirt the edges of affiliation.
Of course my point isn't to call out bands that haven't made a firm stance, it's obvious that this is where Peregrine is coming from, but I understand that's not everyone's interest. However, it would be nice to be as firm about civilization as opposition to racism (which can always be a rough spot for the more pagan pride folks).

So, what I'm really getting at is that the term "black and green metal" is subjective and probably too new to want to really define. Instead I'd rather just point to some of the influences on the idea behind it, as I've quickly done here. I've spent and will continue to spend more time devoted to the non-music oriented influences, so I just wanted to get this out of the way.
Two bands that I think deserve an extra shout out are the indigenous black metal outfit Corubo (get past the production and "Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei" is one of the most powerful albums ever recorded) and death-grind Towardis/Let the World Die.
So if you're looking for more, these are some starting points. If you're looking for something elaborate, sorry to disappoint. But if you want to see more black and green metal out there, just make it happen...